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Mark Your Calendar for Our Teach-In Events!

Last spring, we did our first Authors for Action! event, and in January this year, we began hosting a monthly series called teach-ins. A spin-off of the sit-ins used during the Civil Rights Movement, teach-ins became a form of protest against the Vietnam War on college campuses beginning in 1965 as a form of academic activism. Professors, students, and community members would close themselves in and teach all night long on the topics of the day.

The teach-ins here are not so demanding. They function in much the same way that most author events do, with more time given for an in-depth discussion of the research and experience the authors have to share. Instead of a quick question and answer period, there is an opportunity after the presentation for a community conversation with the author.

Because we serve the unique community of Asheville, our teach-ins have not all been on-the-nose political events. We hosted a Tibetan lama who spoke about compassion and healing through meditation, Jungian therapists who talked about narcissism, and, last month, a local author talked about using ancestral spirits to help heal the cultural rifts in our world. 

This month, on August 16th at 6 pm, we will welcome Duke historian Nancy MacLean as she talks about her ten years of research on Nobel Prize winning economist James Buchanan, who wrote the play book for the radical right.

Next month, we’ll get into the politics of food. Come join the conversation!